Mission Statement

To advance a framework for our success through balanced governance, dynamic partnerships, and an engaged community.

Vision Statement

Siler City is a safe, prosperous, and vibrant community where diversity, innovation and education drive success in a globally competitive society.

Brand Statement

Settled in the 1750’s and chartered in 1887, Siler City has grown to be the largest town in Chatham County.  We have preserved our rural character and small town identity, even as nearby urban areas swallowed up their smaller neighbors.  We respect the land, and our rural personality is evident along the banks of the Rocky River, the rolling hills and countryside, the agricultural economy, and even in our people.  All the while our citizens and visitors are faced with the unexpected, a small Southern town full of interesting people and delightful experiences.

Siler City is an artistic community.  Our NC Arts Incubator was the catalyst that has brought a creative economy to our town.  Siler City’s artists and craftsmen work reflect the community’s dedication to the land, history, and hard work.  This is evident in the murals that display our town’s history, as well as the handcrafted masterpieces of our local artisans, masters of paint, fiber, clay, metal and wood.

Siler City offers its citizens a wealth of unique experiences.  Residents meet at the 3rd Friday ArtWalk and other downtown activities.  They gather to see our champions at sporting events at Jordan-Matthews High School, take a swim with friends at Bray Park, or simply waiting in line to enjoy one of our famous burgers.

Siler City is a small town with big city amenities.  We have excellent schools with unique curriculum.  Chatham Hospital and the new medical park offer our citizens access to healthcare second to none.  The Siler City campus of Central Carolina Community College provides higher education in a beautiful LEED certified building.  The Siler City Municipal Airport is an economic development engine that serves a variety of businesses and corporations.

Most importantly, Siler City has great people.  We are traditional and old fashioned, yet open-minded and welcoming.  We are intensely proud of the variety of cultures that make up our population.  We are a determined people, dedicated to the land and hard work, which is evident in our commitment to improve our community for future generations.  These values are what brought Aunt Bee, the matriarch of Mayberry, to choose Siler City as a place to retire.  The same characteristics that define Mayberry as the perfect rural small town, are alive and well in the Siler City of today. 

We are Siler City, the town you deserve to get to know better.  Spend a day with us, be our guest. Get lost in the arts, and find yourself at our dinner table.  We are the town you always knew, but never knew existed.

Siler City, North Carolina...

...Delightfully Unexpected.