Art Strategy

Co-Chair - Ann Bass -

Co-Chair - Jonus Nobles -

Strategy Statement

Further develop and build on the existing downtown arts community…especially engaging local population groups, expanding creativity into more aspects of community life, and utilizing our arts and creativity to create meaningful work, expand community wealth and improve our economy in a way that benefits our grandchildren.

Despite wide recognition of the need for creativity to maintain a competitive economy, there is only minor emphasis placed on supporting artists, providing skills and contracts needed by them to better participate in the broader economy and a diminishing emphasis on teaching or fostering creativity in the greater population. The arts are too often seen as an elite activity without acknowledging the underlying creativity that translates into higher quality of goods, innovative and responsive services and fulfilling lives.

Siler City has a rich history of architecture, the design of goods and systems, general artisanship in the manufacture of goods, as well as in the fine arts. The City was also recognized in earlier times as a thought leader in economic development. We can now recognize these achievements as creative efforts, restore and build on them while applying and celebrating current creativity in all aspects of our community life.

The Arts is an industry that is already established in Siler City, is becoming better known in the region, is revitalizing downtown, has coalesced a generous and talented community and works to develop the creative skills that are critical to success in all aspects of life. With well over 2000 artists in Siler City and surrounding area, the critical mass necessary to grow an industry and create the supportive jobs and businesses is feasible.

Support for a creative community requires investment, including:

· Recognition, appreciation, exposure to and teaching of the arts and creative processes,

· Local leadership that encourages art and creativity in development and promotion of all goods created and purchased locally as well as in the way that services are requested and provided,

· Celebration and promotion of individual artists, artisans and their work—past and present

· Creation of an environment (physical and social) that encourages creativity and surrounds residents with the arts

· Access to stimulation and continued inspiration from master artists and creative people to foster further growth as practicing artists/artisans