Planning & Community Development Department


The Planning and Community Development Department is a dynamic unit that works to improve the welfare of people and the community by creating more convenient, equitable, healthful, efficient, and attractive place for present and future generations.

The Planning and Community Development Department serves many functions:

  1. Administers and enforces the Code of Ordinances and Unified Development Ordinance (UDO)
  2. Provides staff support to the Board of Commissioners, Planning Board, and Board of Adjustment.  
  3. Implements the Town’s Geographic Information System (GIS). 
  4. Coordinates rezonings, UDO amendments, special use permits, variances, appeals, annexations, etc.   
  5. Reviews and approves site plans, subdivision plats, zoning permits, flood development permits, watershed protection permits, and sign permits. 
  6. Develops transportation planning priorities. 
  7. Assists with local economic development efforts.


Director of Planning and Community Development

Jack Meadows