Microfinance Garden

There is a great community need for individual and family self-sustainment. One avenue for this is through subsidizing their annual expenses with consumption and sales of produce grown in their community garden. The necessary knowledge, tools and experience gained from participation in the project will lend to the development of individual home gardens which can further

sustain vulnerable families with potential for micro-business opportunities.

In a town as rich with diversity as Siler City, a community garden would provide an opportunity for people from various backgrounds, cultures and languages to work together in a safe and central space to help each other fight hunger and poverty

actively and collaboratively.

The goal of this initiative is to create an intercultural, bilingual and inclusive space for Town of Siler City’s community members to learn how to grow their own food, learn about sustainable growth and gardening, share their own experiences with others, and to ultimately develop a small business

model using the produce that they grow. Our community has many individuals from rural and agricultural backgrounds with expertise and materials that will be brought together with participating community members to produce an effective and sustainable project.  Additionally, youth involved in the garden project can gain from the hands on experience of sustainability at the grassroots level, information that they can share and use in adulthood.

The project is hosted by Chatham County Together.