Appointed by the Town of Siler City Board of Commissioners, the Parks & Recreation Advisory Committee has nine (7) members.

Duties include:

  1. Make recommendations for the establishment of a system of supervised recreation for the town.

  2. Set apart for use as parks, playgrounds recreation centers, water areas, or other recreation areas and structures, any lands or buildings owned by or leased to the town, and for approval of the town's authorized body may suggest improvements of such lands and for the construction and for the equipping and staffing of such buildings and structures as may be necessary to the parks and recreation program within those funds allocated to the department.

  3. Advise in the acquisition of lands and structures through gifts, purchase, lease or loan, or by condemnation by the town as provided by G.S. Ch. 40A, Eminent Domain, and as approved by the board of commissioners.

  4. Advise in the acceptance by the town and, with the approval of the board of commissioners, may accept any grant, gift, bequest or donation; any personal or real property offered or made available for recreation purposes and which is judged to be of present or possible future use for parks and/or recreation; any gift, bequest of money or other property; any grant, devise if real or personal property so acquired shall be held by the department, used and finally disposed of in accordance with the terms under which such grant, gift or devise is made and accepted.

  5. Advise in the construction, equipping, operation and maintenance of parks, playgrounds, recreation centers and all structures necessary or useful to the department function, and will advise in regard to other parks and recreation facilities which are owned or controlled by the town.

The committee meets once a month.

Resolution of the Parks & Recreation Advisory Committee