Marketing Strategy

Chair – Alyssa


Strategy Statement

Siler City will embrace a comprehensive marketing strategy that promotes the town as an ideal place to live, work, and play.

While Siler City faces several obstacles, a focus on marketing will improve the perceptions of the town for both residents and visitors. This marketing strategy will put cohesiveness to the many ideas on how to improve the quality of life in Siler City.

By developing new and current assets and marketing them to residents and visitors, Siler City can become a more appealing place to be for everyone. Parks, arts, restaurants, and more – while these amenities currently exist, a marketing strategy will improve quality, variety, and understanding of the things Siler City has to offer.

Increasing marketing efforts will bring visitors to Siler City and develop the town as a place for basic and specialty retail as well as a destination for weekend activities, such as visiting a vineyard. By bringing newcomers in, downtown businesses will prosper. Marketing Siler City and improving the town’s potential for development will make it a more enjoyable place for residents and business owners. By satisfying current residents, younger generations are more likely to stay in Siler City and continue the town’s development.

By using Siler City’s excellent infrastructure, access to large markets, and affordable land and building sites, the town can be marketed as a place for industrial development. As amenities and the economy develop hand-in-hand, the town of Siler City will become more appealing to new and existing businesses and people will be more compelled to stay and grow in Siler City.

Siler City has a strong and dedicated group that recognizes the need for a refreshed image. This group is willing to imagine and reimage the town for the future. Using our small town heritage and marketing existing assets will help develop new assets and make the town a great place to live, develop business, and enjoy leisure time.