Athletic & Rental Fees

The Town of Siler City seeks to provide access to quality facilities through the Town’s Department of Parks and Recreation with the aim of enhancing the quality of life for all of its residents and patrons. The Town of Siler City offers a variety of fields, buildings, and gymnasiums for rent. If you are interested in renting one of our facilities, please call the Siler City Parks and Recreation Department for more information.

The Town of Siler City offers several youth sports. Our athletic programs provide all participants with an entertaining experience. Furthermore, each participant has the opportunity to learn and grow as an individual through team play. If you are interested in signing a child up for one of our athletic programs, the link below provides more information on the necessary fees.


Parks and Recreation

Fee Schedule


Recreation Programs 

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Youth Tackle Football


Youth Flag Football


Youth Cheerleading


Youth Basketball


Youth Softball


Youth Baseball


Youth T-ball



Facility and Fields                       Fees

Paul Braxton Gym                              $25 per hour / $75 Deposit                                                                      

Ernest Ramsey Gym                           $25 per hour / $75 Deposit                                                                      

Earl B. Fitts Community Center           $25 per hour / $75 Deposit                                                                      

Bray Park Pavilion                              $25 per hour / $75 Deposit                                                                                      

Bray Park Baseball/Softball Fields        $20 per hour w/o lights / $30 per hour w/ lights / $30 to prepare field  

Bray Park Soccer Field                        $20 per hour / $30 to prepare field                                                                        

Paul Braxton Field                              $30 per hour w/o lights / $40 per hour w/ lights / $40 to prepare field  

Landrus Siler Park Field                      $15 per hour


The following parks are not rented; Boling Lane Park, Landrus Siler Park and Washington Avenue Park