Accessory Building and Structures - Zoning Permit Required

All accessory buildings and structures require a zoning permit (even if the building is less than 12 feet by 12 feet).  Types of buildings and structures that require a zoning permit, but are not limited too, are as follows: 

  1. metal car shelter (enclosed or unenclosed)
  2. plastic, wooden, or metal storage building/shed
  3. pre-manufactured or site built building/shed
  4. deck/porch (covered or uncovered)
  5. pole shed
  6. lean to shed
  7. gazebo
  8. garage
  9. pergola.

If work has started (a building/structure is placed or construction has started) on the property before plan and zoning permit approval is obtained, then a double fee is charged for plan and zoning permit approval.

Note: A building permit maybe required in addition to zoning permit approval (contact Charlie McLaurin, Building Codes Administrator @ 919-742-2323 or

If you have any zoning permit questions, then please contact Jack Meadows, Director of Planning and Community Development @ 919-742-2323 or